What Steps Does Your Business Take to Prevent Employee Mistakes?

Contractor MistakeBy Patrick Noaker

(Minnetonka, MN)  One of the things that keeps small business owners up at night is worry about employees making mistakes.

Innovation requires that employees be allowed to stretch limitations to create new, unique and hopefully successful products and services.  With that kind of stretching comes mistakes.  Forbes Magazine kind of says it all when it states “Good Employees Make Mistakes.  Great Leaders Allow Them To.”

With that said, small business retailers work extremely hard for customers who desire better service and superior information relating to the product they wish to purchase.  If an employee provides inaccurate information to the customer, that may be all it takes to lose that customer and all of her friends.   The same is true with the small restaurant.  It only takes one stinker meal to lose a valued customer and his entire family.   The unfortunate truth is that small businesses have to fight for each and every customer, one by one; however, a single mistake can lose a dozen customers at one time.

Here is an interesting article from Intuit Small Business Blog that has 4 steps to reduce employee mistakes.

Please share your ideas with the rest of our readers for preventing employee mistakes by leaving a Reply below that MinnSmallBiz.com can post.

About the Writer:  Patrick Noaker is a business attorney in Minnetonka, Minnesota who aggressively represents businesses in the courtroom and arbitration.    Find and follow him at NoakerLaw.comLinkedInFacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

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